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Answer the Call. Vote

Stand Up For Freedom And Democracy

AMERICA IS CALLING. VOTE is an effort to encourage Gen Z and all under 35 voters to get to the polls and vote in EVERY election. It is the result of a collaborative effort activist businessperson John Rosenthal developed with world-renowned brand expert Bruce Mau and the Massive Change Network, leaders in the youth activism and March for Our Lives movement David Hogg and Jaclyn Corin and others in the business community. We have developed a narrative that research shows motivate this key Gen Z voting group. We produce creative content and targeted digital ads to reach and ensure that young voters have all the information they need to make it to the polls in every election in record numbers, just like in 2018, 2020 and most recently in the 2022 mid-terms where they showed up and made a huge difference in the outcome. All resources raised go directly to motivating this key group to answer the call and vote.

voters have seen our digital ads


of voters 18-34 say they are extremely motivated to vote



Gen Z and other young voters have never known a day in their lives when they couldn’t be gunned down in their school or Climate Change wasn’t threatening their future. Now there’s an existential threat to their personal choices, reproductive freedom, freedom to vote and democracy itself. Young voters showed up in record numbers in 2018, 2020 and 2022 and dramatically helped change the outcome of the elections. A sustained young voter movement in America WILL help change Congress, national policies and the future of Freedom and Democracy in America.

America is Calling.
The Future is Calling.
Stand Up for Freedom and Democracy.


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